I have understood during my sports career that it is a smile that crowns success. When after 90 minutes of sports fighting you have achieved the desired result, you smile! I rediscovered my natural smile when I met Dr. Bogdan Fondrea from Dental Design Clinic. Then I realized that every dental problem is solved here in a naturally human, but professional manner. Performance is perhaps the word that best defines me . I’ve always wanted to obtain the best performance in my job, to have the best results , both in the field and as a coach. I found the same passion for performance in Bogdan Fondrea . Attentive to details, eager to achieve perfection in his results, Bogdan convinced me that he is a “performance dentist” if I am to find a phrase similar to the one used in my field, “performance athlete”. I can say the same thing say about his and his whole staff.
Thankyou, Dr. Bogdan Fondrea and Dental Design Timisoara because you are “smile coaches”!

valentin velcea

Valentin Velcea

Poli Timisoara Coach