One of the most beautiful and healthy moments in life is to be able to laugh wholeheartedly , as they say, ” mouth to ear “. After meeting with doctor Fondrea Bogdan and his team , I can say that I have regained my confidence that this is possible for me again . I first saw and heard Bogdan Fondrea on TV, on a specialty show . I saw a genuine professional who besides the passion with which he spoke, had something very precious: a vision of his profession and the relationship between doctor and patient. I chose to entrust my health in his hands and his team and we have already come a long way to healing . It was not always easy, but the finesse , emotional support and honesty with which I was always informed about my situation made ​​me feel a human being, a whole person and not just a medical problem. Thank you, beautiful people who are dedicated to your profession, thanks Bogdan , and I look forward to share my smile on stage, where my profession is!


Alina Ilea