Suntem mandri ca datorita implicarii si daruirii noastre, tot mai multi pacienti din strainatate apeleaza cu incredere la Clinica Dental Design! Prin ceea ce facem, reusim sa aratam ca Romania este o destinatie importanta pe harta serviciilor stomatologice europene.



pacient Franta

I have understood during my sports career that it is a smile that crowns success. When after 90 minutes of sports fighting you have achieved the desired result, you smile! I rediscovered my natural smile when I met Dr. Bogdan Fondrea from Dental Design Clinic. Then I realized that every dental problem is solved here in a naturally human, but professional manner. Performance is perhaps the word that best defines me . I’ve always wanted to obtain the best performance in my job, to have the best results , both in the field and as a coach. I found the same passion for performance in Bogdan Fondrea . Attentive to details, eager to achieve perfection in his results, Bogdan convinced me that he is a “performance dentist” if I am to find a phrase similar to the one used in my field, “performance athlete”. I can say the same thing say about his and his whole staff.
Thankyou, Dr. Bogdan Fondrea and Dental Design Timisoara because you are “smile coaches”!

valentin velcea

Valentin Velcea

Poli Timisoara Coach

I would like to thank doctor Fondrea and the entire Dental Design team for their professionalism, for their understanding, help, patience and remarkable results. I can say that I have finally found a dentist and a team which I trust completely and I am happy with the results obtained!
First of all, the fact that dr. Fondrea and the Dental Design team explained to me every step, every work that they performed, was extraordinary for me because it was the first time that I knew exactly what was going on with my teeth and why. Besides, I knew exactly what I was paying for and what each service they provided consisted of.
What gave me even more confidence, was the fact that dr. Fondrea and the Dental Design team let me take part in all the decisions. Being aware of the facts, after all the explanations I received, including explanations with concrete cases, pictures, films, my own Xray, I was able to take part in all the decisions regarding the work that dr. Fondrea and his team performed for me.
Also, dr. Fondrea proved to have a great deal of professionalism and had a lot of patience with me, a patient who was always afraid of the dentist, because of past experiences and bad works. I can say that now I am not afraid of the dentist anymore, because of the finesse and professionalism that dr. Fondrea showed and, most importantly, I am finally not embarrassed anymore to smile and show my teeth. Dr. Fondrea and the Dental Design team gave up their free time in order to solve my dental problems within the established time. Because I live abroad and I was on vacation in Timisoara, I needed that all the work be finished within a very short period of time.
Plus, they dedicated time especially for me, in order to show me how the dental work can be washed and how a correct brushing of the teeth is performed. Also, the dental technician working for Dental Design made me a superb dental work! They all showed that they are an extraordinary team, the dentists always consulted one another, showing involvement and interest in each case and, above all, passion for everything they were doing and the desire to achieve the best for their client. I have recommended the Dental Design clinic to my family, friends and I continue to recommend it to all those who are interested to have beautiful and healthy teeth and also to work with devoted professionals.
Thank you very much!
Yours truly,
Dora Tennant


Dora Tennant

Letter from a patient...

One of the most beautiful and healthy moments in life is to be able to laugh wholeheartedly , as they say, ” mouth to ear “. After meeting with doctor Fondrea Bogdan and his team , I can say that I have regained my confidence that this is possible for me again . I first saw and heard Bogdan Fondrea on TV, on a specialty show . I saw a genuine professional who besides the passion with which he spoke, had something very precious: a vision of his profession and the relationship between doctor and patient. I chose to entrust my health in his hands and his team and we have already come a long way to healing . It was not always easy, but the finesse , emotional support and honesty with which I was always informed about my situation made ​​me feel a human being, a whole person and not just a medical problem. Thank you, beautiful people who are dedicated to your profession, thanks Bogdan , and I look forward to share my smile on stage, where my profession is!


Alina Ilea


I have always trusted people who are passionate about what they do. Trust is a fundamental component in the patient-doctor relationship. I was impressed by the passion, professionalism and humanity of doctor Bogdan Fondrea. I chose to be his patient and I understand that the most important thing is my health. Every step, every decision was made ​​with patience, in a continuing collaboration. Decisions were not always easy but the information received, in detail, with great diplomacy and sensitivity, convinced me that I chose what any patient would have wanted, a doctor like Mr. Fondrea and his team. I look forward to the day I can thank this wonderful team and Dr. Fondrea with a sincere smile, coming from the heart, and I am convinced that will be the best gift for everyone. – working case


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