Crowded, spaced, rotated or misplaced teeth? Faulty occlusion, joint pain, headaches? Bruxism, faulty body posture? Unsatisfactory smile aesthetics? All these could have the same solution: orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is the part of dentistry dealing with teeth alignment and teeth position harmonization to obtain a balanced and appropriate occlusion (bite). The physician performing these treatments is called an orthodontist. Therefore, not every physician can perform these treatments. Also, it is obvious that the teeth do not get aligned by the braces themselves, but it is the physician who does this with the help of appliances. Often patients tend to be primarily concerned about price when it comes to braces, but the appliance itself does nothing, has no solution; the patient pays for the orthodontic treatment, and not for the brace. For this reason, it is not important if the orthodontic appliance is expensive or cheap, if it is visible or invisible, but if the orthodontist has solid theoretical and practical notions, it he or she is a professional and a person in whose hands you can entrust your health.

The basic need, contrary to popular belief, is not poor aesthetics. The main reason for recommending orthodontic treatment is to harmonize the occlusion, to protect the teeth, the periodontal tissue and joints over time. Often, without orthodontic treatment, we cannot talk about the solving of a case, but only about an improvement in some aspects. For this reason, it happens that orthodontic treatment is part of a complex picture, intersecting with implantology or prosthetics.

Orthodontic appliances – depending on the particular case and the wishes of the patient, the orthodontist will decide to treat using different types of appliances: fixed (glued) on teeth or that can be removed and repositioned by the patient. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so the physician’s experience is the main element in the success or failure of the treatment. Braces can also be prefabricated or individual (Incognito or Invisalign), made of ceramic, metal or sapphire. Again, a wrong choice can lead to a failure, just as a correct choice can shorten the duration of the treatment, reduce costs and protect teeth.

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INVISALIGN – invisible orthodontics

An attractive smile can make you be more relaxed and have more confidence in yourself! Now, thanks to Invisalign you can have the smile you want without the traditional brackets. When choosing a method of straightening teeth, it is important to consider what suits you best, not just the image, but also your lifestyle.

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Many of us believe that Invisalign is only effective in treating mild cases such as mild crowding in the front. This is not so, the cases that can be treated are from mild crowding of teeth to severe crowding, closing existing spaces, reverse occlusions, deep bite, being effective at any age, both in teenagers and in adults.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible aligners, which can be removed and you will change every two weeks for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth only.

It is transparent, movable (you can take it out whenever you want), comfortable. Hardly anyone notices that you are wearing braces. And because you can take it out whenever you want, you can eat and drink whatever you like. Oral hygiene can be the same as before, flossing will not be any problem. It does not cause allergies, there is no discomfort or lesion that classic braces may cause. The aligners are very thin, speech is not affected. You would be surprised to discover that properly aligned teeth bring you many benefits, in addition to a perfect smile!

Moreover, with INVISALIGN you plan your treatment together with your orthodontist. A virtual treatment plan generated by ClinCheck Align Technology allows you to see the model of your teeth, how they will look like at the end of the treatment, the movements your teeth will go through during treatment, you can discuss and plan what is most important to you before you start the actual treatment.

The duration of treatment with INVISALIGN varies depending on the dental anomaly, the reactivity of each patient, but the average INVISALIGN treatment lasts 9 to 18 months.

INVISALIGN treatment begins with a visit to INVISALIGN certified orthodontist!

INCOGNITO – lingual orthodontics

The INCOGNITO system offers you freedom of life, a natural smile, behind which there will be no need to hide your dental problems. This revolutionary system is the perfect option for those who want to smile with confidence both during, and after completion of treatment.

This type of lingual orthodontic treatment is 100% customized and designed for efficient and predictable results. Each aligner of the device is adapted to the anatomy of the patient’s teeth and is mounted to the back side of the teeth, thus INCOGNITO will go unnoticed even by the people most attentive to detail. Adapted for each tooth separately, the thickness and width of the bonding segments is easily controllable. The aligners are made of a gold alloy that provides high comfort and high adaptability.

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You would be surprised to discover that properly aligned teeth bring you many benefits, in addition to a perfect smile. In short, the INCOGNITO system handles tooth realignment from the back, so that the effect it will have on the front side be the desired one. Just as with Invisalign, it does not cause allergies, there is no discomfort or lesion that classic braces can cause.

Another important advantage is the fact that it is, par excellence, a precise system. The advanced technology and individualization for each tooth separately ensures the expected results. This means that from the start you will know how your teeth will look like at the end, thanks to a computer program that simulates the process.

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The INCOGNITO system is perfect for those who want to solve their problems through orthodontic treatment tailored to their needs, comfortable and totally invisible!