Dental implants

Modern alternative of tooth replacement.

The lack of a tooth can be a matter of great importance . Through dental implant treatments we can solve edentations, either of a single tooth or multiple edentations, without affecting the adjacent teeth.

The intervention is simple, painless and the result is predictable and easily controllable. A thorough consultation and careful planning can give maximum results, both aesthetically and medically. Complex cases can also be treated with dental implants, telescope works on implants, zirconium bridges on implants , so that cases whose solution until recently involved mobile prostheses can now be treated with fixed, cemented, comfortable, aesthetic, readily acceptable works.

In our clinic the patients find together with the implantologist the ideal solution for each case. A panoramic digital x-ray is required, and on this basis and on the basis of extensive consultations we will propose the best possible treatment, whether it is a dental implant treatment, or a classic bridge. Unfortunately, sometimes a patient’s problems are bigger than just a simple cavity that can be solved with a single composite filling, but there are solutions.


What must we know about the dental implant?

  • A dental implant is usually a titanium piece, of cylindrical or cylindrical-conical shape, which replaces the root of a lost tooth.
  • It is the ideal solution for recovery in case of edentations.
  • Not all patients and all cases are suitable for inserting a dental implant.
  • It is a local surgical intervention, which does not require hospitalization and can be done in the dental clinic.
  • The success rate is very good (97-98%).
  • The dental implant is not “for life”, it has a duration of use in “specifications” of about 10 years.
  • The dental implant will be covered by a dental crown (immediately after insertion or 3-6 months after insertion).
  • The price of the implant is not as high as that of special work.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

  • Minimally invasive procedure, provides protection of the neighboring teeth
  • Predictable aesthetic and physiological results
  • The price of an implant is similar to the price of the prosthetic dental bridge
  • Simple, painless procedure and with short duration of intervention
  • Allows excellent hygiene because of using the interdental wire

On the dental implants one can make either works consisting of a single ceramic crown, or on multiple implants one can apply ceramic bridges, telescope works, fixed or movable works.

Currently, an increasingly larger number of patients choose to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth by means of a dental implant or multiple implants. Also, the number of patients from abroad that target medical tourism and, in particular, dental tourism, is increasing year by year. One of the determining factors is the price of dental implants in Timisoara, which is low compared to the prices in other countries, Italy, France, Germany and Britain. In our clinic you can find certified doctors specializing in oral implantology and who can perform these interventions.

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