Modern dentistry is based on a series of medical and biological principles that have to be observed. Whether it is a dental implant, a full ceramic crown or root canal therapy, the attention should focus on both beauty and accuracy of the treatment.

Wherever we look around us, with each step, we can notice the interest in beauty, health and in the harmony between the two. Nonetheless, there are quite a few situations in which a compromise version is chosen (from the point of view of the treatment method, of the duration, and why not, from the financial point of view) in order to reach the desired result. In this sense, the Lumineers facets, the new non-invasive technique for applying facets meets the requirements of those wishing to combine time effectiveness, preservation of the dental tissues – dental health and comfort during the treatment and subsequently.

In short, Lumineers is the newest and most innovative technique for covering the teeth, without the need for polishing them.

In comparison with the usual ceramic facets, Veneers, the Lumineers facets provide a series of advantages which confer a better final result of the treatment. First of all, it is worth mentioning that in most cases the teeth do not have to be polished, the facets being thin and applied on the dental surface. The dental polishing means dental destruction, which can lead to subsequent dental sensibility. For this reason, it is important to mention that the anesthesia is eliminated – so very little wanted by the patients…, thus the treatment is minimally invasive, and pain free.

Another advantage of Lumineers facets is represented by the elimination of provisional facets, which hide the preparation of the natural tooth. Only two visits at the dentist are required for making these facets. At the first visit the print is taken, which is sent to the dental technology lab, and in the second session the facets will be cemented.

The guarantee of Lumineers facets is for life, they do not break, they are stable from the chromatic point of view, they do not detach, provided that the prophylaxis and hygienization schedule is complied with. The comfort provided by these facets resides in their minimum thickness, of 0.3 mm. Although they are very thin, like a contact lens, the facets are very resistant. The procedure is suitable for patients suffering from minor conditions which do not normally cause pain.


With these facets one can correct, in a non invasive and pain free way, minor defects of position, color, form, various spaces between the teeth. As it is a minimally invasive treatment, after applying the Lumineers facets there will be no dental sensitivity. Another important aspect of this type of treatment consists in the fact that it is a reversible treatment. If one wishes to remove the facets, they can be removed, and the tooth returns to its initial appearance, or other facets can be made according to the new requirements of the patient.

Lumineers –non invasive, pain free treatment, without anesthesia, excellent aesthetic result, guaranteed comfort, they can be used by anyone who wishes to have a beautiful smile, no matter if the teeth are coloured, damaged, broken or spaced. Nevertheless, it is recommended to chose the best treatment version for each and every case.

Advantages of Lumineers with respect to Veneers:

1. minimum preparation of the tooth or absence of preparation of the tooth
2. excellent aesthetics
3. predictable results which can be simulated before making the facets
4. reversible procedure (if one wishes to remove them, the tooth shall not be affected)
5. absence of sensitivity post-intervention
6. anesthesia is not necessary
7. minimal duration of the treatment (only two visits, print and cementation)
8. guarantee for life (they do not become coloured, they do not detach, they do not break)
9. excellent comfort

Who can use Lumineers? What are the cases that can be solved with Lumineers?

1. coloured teeth
2. crooked and misaligned teeth
3. teeth with anesthetic form
4. uneven teeth
5. unsightly crowns (YES! It can be applied on old, unsightly crowns!)
6. gapped teeth
7. chipped teeth
8. decayed teeth and with unsightly treatments
Lumineers is for those who want a perfect smile!