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Welcome to Dental Design

If you are here, you are in good hands. In the hands of a dentist who practices his craft with dedication, backed by an entire team ready to treat each case with care, professionalism and a lot of warmth.
Dental Design is a dental clinic located in western Romania, in Timisoara, Europe’s first electrically lit city, just 80 kilometers from the border with Hungary. We are providing premium services at the level of major dental clinics around the world, and our patients know that at Dental Design they are treated as beings in need of confidence, security and a professional medical act.

Why choose Dental Design Timisoara?

With its accession to the European Union, Romania, and especially the city of Timisoara, located near the border with the West, has become an interesting destination for business, travel and, at the same time, solving dental problems at much lower prices, while receiving the same quality of services as in other European countries.

dental design timisoara

Our clinic provides full dental services.

In recent years, we have invested greatly in the latest equipment and technologies, as well as in training courses. However, here the price of most treatments is even 4 to 6 times lower than, for example, in the UK. In addition, part of the expenditure on medical treatment can be reimbursed by the patient’s health insurance fund. Also, our physicians speak several foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French), so communication with patients will not be a problem.
Patients from other countries and Romanians living abroad have the opportunity to visit picturesque places in Romania, while benefiting from full dental solutions at better prices than in Western Europe. Thus, they have the opportunity to benefit from our elite services while visiting the country for personal or business purposes.

What expectations can I have from dental vacation?

Dental problems can be solved/treated in a short time, during your vacation, while you also have the opportunity to visit any area around the city of Timisoara or Romania. Basically, it’s kind of an “all inclusive” vacation which includes solving dental problems. In short, mixing business with pleasure!

Dental Design Timisoara

Design Dental patients receive advanced treatments made with the latest materials and equipment according to international standards

Offer and prices

To achieve a realistic estimate of the treatment plan, you need to e-mail us a panoramic radiograph (with all your teeth) in digital format, based on which we will be able to perform a remote consultation; also tell us when you can make the trip.
Our complete price list is the one displayed in the Prices section, it being the same for all patients, regardless of nationality

Subsequently, we will get back to you by e-mail to:

  • establish the treatment plan
  • establish the hours required to carry out treatments
  • establish an estimated cost
  • prepare the documents for the settlement of medical services with the health insurance fund where you are assured
  • propose accommodation and leisure (if desired)

We are proud that, due to our involvement and devotion, more and more patients from abroad confidently turn to Dental Design! By what we do, we can show that Romania is an important destination on the map of European dental services.