About Dental Design

I have always been asked why I am doing this, why I impose so many standards to myself and my team? Why do people want to go to the Moon, or Mars, why do we want to reach higher and higher speeds and why should we take thousands of photos of a single flower and end up framing just one of them? The answer is simple: the search for perfection!!

Dr. Bogdan Fondrea

“The search for perfection, for me, is a passion!” Dr. Bogdan Fondrea

In dentistry, my answer is equally simple:because I like it, because I feel fulfilled and content at the end of the day, bringing the smile on people’s faces, for I know that I am supported by the best professionals, and we use avant-garde techniques and state-of-the art materials, perfection is closer at hand!
Dentistry does not mean only extractions and fillings, but so much more. It is art, painting, sculpture, modeling, psychology and it is also an exact, precise and logical science!

My promise to you is that my personal dedication and that of my entire team shall reside in that detail that detail that makes the difference between “just a filling” and the perfect smile.

Dental Design by dr. Fondrea combines within the 4 medical offices and the radiology room, equipped according to the most modern international standards in the dentistry field, all the specializations required so that you can receive a complete treatment, here, with us.The doctors at Dental Design are in their turn specialized in every branch of dentistry so that the correct treatment can be performed by a specialist, an educated physician prepared to solve precisely the problem of each and every patient.

Besides the specialized medical offices and the prepared doctors, it is obviously necessary to have efficient machinery and materials, which are biocompatible and qualitative. All these aspects are combined at our clinic, without making the smallest compromise. The medical act shall always have the specifications given by the specialty literature and the results shall always be the desired ones.

Clinica Stomatologica Dental Design

A perfect smile by means of a professional medical act.

Besides the medical act, a particularly important aspect is receiving the patient, the way in which time elapses in the waiting room, even if the waiting is reduced to a minimum, the charts and the entire infrastructure of the clinic which was conceived from the foundations for ergonomics, comfort and relaxation.

Dental Design by dr. Fondrea was created out of the desire to make the search for perfection a purpose which we want to attain, be it the receiving of the patient, the waiting time, educating the patient or the actual treatment.

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